A recent survey showed that women judged men with beards to be 2/3rds more attractive than clean shaven men..that did not include those men who end up with half their food stuck in their beard though!

55% of men (and some women, howay you know you've seen them) around the world sport some type of facial hair.

High ranking egyptians dyed and plaited their beards with gold thread. Think King tut look.

Beards make you 63% more likely to win a staring contest.

In 1997 Shamsher Singh had his beard measured at an impressive 1.83m (6ft) from end of chin to tip. wonder how many times he tripped over it?

There are an estimated 30,000 whiskers on a mans face and we will cut them all for only £2.50 what a bargain!

Remember just like your hair beards need regular trimming to stay healthy and good personal hygiene is a must, don't look at a beard just as an excuse to not wash your face!

Moustaches have also seen a massive comeback with all different styles becoming popular just as you need hair gel/wax to hold your hair in place you may find beard/moustache wax helps keep your desired style all day long no drooping moustaches in your cup of tea.

Now I would love to stay but I really Moustache...