Here at Henry's we appreciate that with the ever growing number of barbershops to choose from you may be wondering "Why should I go to Henry's for my haircut?"


Let me answer that question for you:


Price: We believe in excellent haircuts at reasonable prices. We don't make any claim to be the cheapest barbers you could find, however our prices reflect our location and the quality of our staff.


Location: Being slap bang in the centre of Newcastle combined with our long opening hours means that whether you are out shopping with the family,on your way into work, having a productive lunch hour or out for a pint you can always pop in for a quick haircut and get another job out of the way freeing up your spare time for more fun activities, well no one likes getting their haircut do they?


Service: You can be guaranteed excellent service, great banter and a fantastic haircut - no gimmicks, no hype just a great haircut by a friendly, highly competent barber in a warm, clean atmosphere.


Our Reputation: Here at Henry's we know word of mouth is the best advertisement you can get, and having been trading as Henry's for over half a century we have built up a excellent reputation by way of our fantastic loyal customers. In fact every haircut  is a walking advert. What better publicity could we ask for?


Henrys was recently described in the visitnewcastlegateshead pocket guide for tourists as "Legendary"and "Iconic" and a place to visit when you come to Newcastle.


Why not come in, get a haircut and see for yourself you won't be disappointed!

We are based in Newcastle city centre and firmly believe that a city centre location should not mean charging a kings ransom for a haircut, having to pay for the full 'male grooming' shebang or having to spend an hour and a half having a haircut that you made an appointment for 6 months earlier, we believe in charging fair prices and providing a no appointment based barbershop haircut, you wont be in the seat for an hour and a half, we wont be trying to persuade you to have a perm, shave, eyebrow wax or highlights, we are just a normal albeit particularly good (if we do say so ourself) barbershop in a convenient city centre location. As with all of our shops we believe in comfort, cleanliness and only employing the very best barbers!